Generative AI

What is Generative AI? Definition & Examples

Predictive AI vs Generative AI: Key Differences and Applications Machine learning enables computers to continually learn from new data and enhance their performance over time by employing algorithms and statistical approaches. This technology powers everything from recommendation systems to self-driving cars, revolutionizing several sectors and transforming them into a crucial aspect of our everyday lives. … Read more

ITSM chatbots: 6 AI-based use cases for your service desk

Then, bots try to turn the interested users into customers with offers and through conversation. Bots are proficient in resolving common queries while reducing the need for human interaction. 68% of customers say that they enjoy getting an instant response and answers to simple questions from a chatbot. You can find chatbots use cases and … Read more

What is Insurance Chatbots? + 5 Use-case, Examples, Tools & Future

Top 10 Insurance Chatbots Applications & Use Cases in 2023 Inbenta claims to offer conversational AI with zero training required. Sensely is a conversational AI platform that assists patients with insurance plans and healthcare resources. Chatbot for Banking Market report focuses on Supply-Demand Scenario, Key Raw Material Analysis, SWOT Analysis. It delivers an unbiased evaluation … Read more

Its time Apple got Siri-ous about responding to AI and chatbots

MatPrat chatbot development case study In-Page Analytics allows you to view how users interact with your website. As part of understanding what your users are looking for on your website you may want to consider task analysis. Lets explore the process of how you can improve the look of your law firm website. AI … Read more

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