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(b) are unallowable because they are clearly not allocable to Federal awards. These adjustments or refunds will be made regardless of the type of rate negotiated (predetermined, final, fixed, or provisional). To the extent that problems are encountered among the Federal agencies or governmental units in connection with the negotiation and approval process, OMB will lend assistance, as required, to resolve such problems in a timely manner. Each billed central service activity must separately account for all revenues (including imputed revenues) generated by the service, expenses incurred to furnish the service, and profit/loss.

  • In specifying alternatives to paragraphs (e)(1) and (2) of this section, the Federal awarding agency may distinguish between income earned by the recipient and income earned by subrecipients and between the sources, kinds, or amounts of income.
  • It may be as long as needed to adequately communicate to potential applicants the areas in which funding may be provided.
  • Program income must be used for current costs unless the Federal awarding agency authorizes otherwise.
  • This section of the guidance applies to organizations that are requesting new provisional rates for future periods and/or the finalization of provisional rates for past periods.
  • The summary schedule must also include audit findings reported in the prior audit’s summary schedule of prior audit findings except audit findings listed as corrected in accordance with paragraph (b)(1) of this section, or no longer valid or not warranting further action in accordance with paragraph (b)(3) of this section.
  • (6) Pension plan costs may be computed using a pay-as-you-go method or an acceptable actuarial cost method in accordance with established written policies of the non-Federal entity.

Loans, the proceeds of which were received and expended in prior years, are not considered Federal awards expended under this part when the Federal statutes, regulations, and the terms and conditions of Federal awards pertaining to such loans impose no continuing compliance requirements other than to repay the loans. Costs incurred for intramural activities, student publications, student clubs, and other student activities, are unallowable, unless specifically provided for in the Federal award. (c) Costs of membership in any civic or community organization are allowable with prior approval by the Federal awarding agency or pass-through entity.

Administrative Expenses Examples

When the expenses in a cost grouping are more general in nature, the allocation must be made through the use of a selected base which produces results that are equitable to both the Federal Government and the organization. The distribution must be made in accordance with the bases described herein unless it can be demonstrated that the administration cost meaning use of a different base would result in a more equitable allocation of the costs, or that a more readily available base would not increase the costs charged to Federal awards. The results of special cost studies (such as an engineering utility study) must not be used to determine and allocate the indirect costs to Federal awards.

administration cost meaning

(b) The non-Federal entity must negotiate profit as a separate element of the price for each contract in which there is no price competition and in all cases where cost analysis is performed. The acquisition of property or services, the aggregate dollar amount of which is higher than the micro-purchase threshold but does not exceed the simplified acquisition threshold. If small purchase procedures are used, price or rate quotations must be obtained from an adequate number of qualified sources as determined appropriate by the non-Federal entity. The non-Federal entity is responsible for determining and documenting an appropriate micro-purchase threshold based on internal controls, an evaluation of risk, and its documented procurement procedures.

Administration Costs

(6) The number of separate cost groupings within a category should be held within practical limits, after taking into consideration the materiality of the amounts involved and the degree of precision attainable through less selective methods of distribution. Different contacts for distinct kinds of help (e.g., one for questions of programmatic content and a second for administrative questions). For all submissions, this would include any limitations on the number of pages, font size and typeface, margins, paper size, number of copies, and sequence or assembly requirements.

What is an example of an administrative cost?

Administrative expenses are costs that relate to regular business operations. Administrative expenses can be fixed or semi-variable. Common examples include rent, utilities, equipment, supplies, insurance policies, salaries, benefits and legal counsel.

If authorized by Federal regulations or the Federal award, costs incidental to the generation of program income may be deducted from gross income to determine program income, provided these costs have not been charged to the Federal award. (1) If the purpose of the Federal award is to assist the non-Federal entity in the acquisition of equipment, buildings or land, the aggregate value of the donated property may be claimed as cost sharing or matching. (c) This provision is designed to operate in tandem with evidence-related statutes (e.g.; The Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018, which emphasizes collaboration and coordination to advance data and evidence-building functions in the Federal government). The Federal awarding agency should also specify any requirements of award recipients’ participation in a federally funded evaluation, and any evaluation activities required to be conducted by the Federal award. (1) Prior to making a Federal award, the Federal awarding agency is required by the Payment Integrity Information Act of 2019, 31 U.S.C. 3301 note, and 41 U.S.C. 2313 to review information available through any OMB-designated repositories of governmentwide eligibility qualification or financial integrity information as appropriate. See also suspension and debarment requirements at 2 CFR part 180 as well as individual Federal agency suspension and debarment regulations in title 2 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

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